£7500 ram £4500 ram
Blarnavaid M3 - £7500 Kirkstead M4 - £4500

£2200 ram
Kirkby Redgate M19
Overall Crossing Champion - £2200

Traditional Champion
Auchry M10
Overall Traditional Champion - £1000


Carlisle Ram Sale 2019

The Bluefaced Leicester juggernaut rolled into Carlisle for the last major sale of the season, with just under 1200 sheep entered into the sale, there was always going to be plenty of choice for punters, with all types available to suit all budgets. The averages were down across the board with buyers selecting only the best sheep on offer to chase in the ring and early trading was hard work for the auctioneers, with all 3 rings seeing the number of sheep sold down on the year, but the trade seemed to slowly firm up all day as many buyers realised this would be the last big chance to make purchases this season.

Crossing Type
Topping the day's trade was a powerful lamb from Jamie Pirie, who has enjoyed a great season's trading, averaging over £2200 at the three sales he has sold at, namely Kelso, Hawes and Carlisle. His first lamb, by the record breaking £37,000 Midlock, which has been a good investment for Jamie, certainly attracted the attention all day and it entered the ring with a sense of expectation. The bidding set off briskly enough and topped out at £7500 for this lamb out of a homebred ewe by the £11,000 Firth tup bought out of Hawes a few years back. As with many of the top lots this season, his services were acquired by a syndicate, with four Scottish buyers clubbing together to take him back over the border, with Midlock, Clayland, Cretlevane and the Saltaire flocks all getting a leg in him.

Another Scottish breeder on the up enjoyed a good day at the sale as the Dawyck flock from the Thornborrow family showed one of the picks of the sale, with an April born tup lamb by their homebred "Krackpot" tup a full brother to the £7000 tup they sold to Nunscleugh last year, by the £23,000 Carry House and out of a ewe by K1 Shafthill, which they showed as a lamb at the Highland Show, and now is one of the flock's best breeding ewes. He sold for £5800 to James Forbes, Clunebeg Farm, Pitlochry.

Making a personal best, on a difficult year's trading, was Jim Thomson from J & D Blues, who runs only 12 ewes, with a flashy tup lamb by the Old Hemley J22. This corker of a lamb is out of the flock's best ewes, which was champion at Dumfries a few years back. It sold for £5000 to A & W Barrow, Mid Knockglass, Stranraer, eclipsing his previous best which he sold a few years back at Castle Douglas. Its twin went on to make £2000 to Robert McTurk, completing a great day for the flock.

Another small flock of only a dozen ewes enjoyed a good day out too as Amy Campbell matched last year's offering as she again hit £4500 with her tup lamb Glenrath M1. This monster of a lamb was by the H2 Carry House and out of a Firth bred ewe bought for £6500 by the Midlock Big Ben. It was the first time out for the lamb and makes his new home with Obie Sharp, Newbigging Wells.

Champion at the pre-sale show, again generously sponsored by Allflex, was an eye-catching lamb from the Kirkby Redgate flock, by the £18,000 Shafthill which has done so well in the flock and out of a ewe by Hewgill Stork. It sold for £2200 to Seal Houses, Arkengarthdale. The reserve champion was a strong lamb from Michael James, Duhonw. This lamb was early in and was by the homebred H45 Duhonw, a son of the aforementioned Hewgill Stork, and sold for £1400 to K & C Ward, Whitby. Michael also sold a young mid-April born lamb, entered initially for Hawes, but brought in as a substitute when they couldn't make it to Hawes due to a back injury. This sharp lamb by J7 Old Hemley made £3500, joining the trip home with the Glenrath lamb to Newbigging Wells.

249 Lamb Rams £783.41
139 Aged/Shearling Rams £484.89
21 Females £225.71

Traditional Type
The average may have slipped a touch for the traditional lambs, but an extra 17 were sold, proving that the traditional type are certainly holding their own with plenty of breeders needing the type.

Topping the day's trade was a tup lamb from Alan McClymont's Kirkstead flock. Based at the head of the Yarrow Valley, they have a reputation for breeding top quality, hardy sheep which go away and do well for their new flocks, a fact highlighted by the number of top of the range tups across the sales with Kirkstead bloodlines. This tup was the full brother to the Builth Wells tup sold earlier this autumn, by the double Highland Champion Burndale G1 and out of the flock's illustrious show ewe, Kirkstead F22, herself a double Scottish progeny show champion. This sharp, powerful lamb sold for £4500, selling to Messrs Dixon, Alwinton.

The Ashes flock have always enjoyed a great reputation and produced stock which goes on and does well, and once again Frank Johnson's pen didn't disappoint, with the highlight a lamb by the Howlea H2 and out of a ewe purchased from the Elian flock, sired by the Addingham B1 Elite+ which in its time was a big influence in many bloodlines. This lamb went on to sell for £3200, selling to noted Welsh breeder Merfyn Roberts, Myfyrian, to join his 70 strong flock on the Isle of Anglesey.

It was Ashes breeding again late in the sale which saw a cracking price for a lamb from the Towdypotts flock of Margaret Suddes. She is a neighbour to Frank and her flock started when Frank let her have some pet lambs in 2006 and her flock now runs to 18 or so ewes, all going back to Ashes breeding. She was really chuffed to have such a good sale with her pick of lambs, when her number two lamb, Towdypotts M2 sold for £3200 to Martin Quinn of the Whinnyhall flock, Fife. He was by Howlea K2 and out of a homebred ewe by Burndale G2 and the same breeding saw the flock have another bid to £1400 selling to M/s Peart from the Woodcroft flock.

The Woodcroft flock, one of the oldest in the Association, were also in the money, selling to £2600 with a strong tup lamb by Old Parks L1 they bought last year, instantly repaying the £1500 they invested in him a year back. This lad sold to M/s Clark & Sons, Avisyard Farm, Cumnock.

Matthew Quinn, Whinnyhall sold to £1800 with his first lamb in the ring, Whinnyhall M10. This lively lad was by Craig Yr Orsedd, H10 and out of a home bred ewe by B1 Rossiebank Elite +. He sold to the Kirkstead flock, who liked his looks as well as the depth of his breeding.

The champion and reserve male champions, judged by J McLachlan and E Hinchcliffe, both fetched £1000 apiece. First through the ring was the day's overall champion, a lovely sweet tup lamb from Matthew Seed, Auchry. He was by L1 Craig Yr Orsedd, purchased last year. The reserve male ticket went to Cumbrian breeders Scott & Clare Thomason, Piel View, who have built up a great reputation both at sales and shows with the quality of their stock, which is always top notch. Their tup lamb was second to the champion in the classes and followed him through in the championship. This lad is by Espley L3 and out of a ewe by Auchry H4, and sold to E P Hughes, Powys.

Traditional Type
217 Lamb Rams £429.73
34 Aged/Shearling Rams £417.35
38 Females £331.05

£5800 ram £5000 ram £5000 ram
Dawyck M40 - £5800 Midlock M68 - £5000 J & D Blues - M3 - £5000
£4500 ram £3500 ram £3200 ram
Glenrath M1 - £4500 Duhonw M24 - £3500 Ashes M6 - £3200
£3200 ram £2800 ram £2600 ram
M2 Towdypotts - £3200 Hewgill M20 - £2800 Woodcroft M1 - £2600
£2500 ram £1800 ram £1600 ram
Steel M6 - £2500 Whinnyall M82 - £1800 Hill End M1 - £1600
£1400 ram £1300 ram First Recorded Lamb
Duhonw M3
Reserve Overall Crossing Type - £1400

Yeavering - £1300

Craig Yr Orsedd - 1st Recorded lamb

Female Champion    
Long Mynd L8
Female and Reserve Overall Champion -